Silaiwali Handcrafted Doll – Nargis Mini


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Mini Nargis, a delightful embodiment of the poet’s daffodil, exudes timeless elegance. Her attire includes a light muslin frock adorned with intricately embroidered motifs, showcasing the artisan’s skilful craftsmanship. Adding a playful touch, her hair is styled in two tiny buns, secured with colourful ribbons.

Crafted with care, Mini Nargis emerges from the hands of Afghan women refugees, who transform fabric remnants into cherished treasures. Supporting sustainability, she brings joy and provides a source of livelihood for her creators. Mini Nargis stands as a symbol of resilience and artistic brilliance, capturing the essence of ancient charm in her miniature form.

The product includes the bedding for the doll packed in a smart foldable box.

Material: Cotton doll, polyfill, woollen hair, cotton bedding, paper box

Dimensions: H 23 cm, W 7 cm

Additional Information
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 23 × 7 × 5 cm
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Blue Dress, Orange Dress

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