About Us

I am a collector. I love the quirky and colourful.  I love new and unique and I certainly love the old, slightly worn and full of stories.

I am a traveller. I love to travel. No resorts mind you. I seek out the creaky old hotels where things don’t always work and the rooms could use a little attention. It’s in those places that you will often find the best food, the kindest staff and tips to the really great secrets of the region.

From my first backpacking adventure through South East Asia to India and Nepal way back at the end of 1989 I was hooked. The people. The fabrics! Those colours!

I am a shopper too!  I guess we have that in common. The thing is these days my shopping comes home in giant shipping containers filled to bursting with all the things I’ve found and want to share with you.

When Gitanjali started to form in my mind, long before I bought even the first item of stock, I imagined a store where you could all come, explore and find something different. Something just perfect for that ’tricky’ friend. Something textured or colourful or something that evoked a fond memory of a place you once were or always wished you had been.

Now that Gitanjali is a reality I am happy to present a lovingly curated collection. I look forward to seeing you instore to get the full Gitanjali experience and meet you personally. If Adelaide is just too far away right now, please enjoy shopping online.


People always ask about the name…

Gitanjali:  Pronounced.. Git– Anjali (The emphasis is on the An) is a Sanskrit word meaning offering of songs. Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize for his book collected poems of the same name. For me it is just a lovely name. I might have named a daughter Gitanjali but was blessed with a son instead.  It may be a coincidence or may be its ancient etymology but the word Gitan in French means Gypsy. Perhaps its destiny that a store full of exotic and bohemian loveliness that has come from years of travel should be named GITANJALI.

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