Silaiwali Handcrafted Doll – Frida


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Afghan Artistry, Resilience in Bloom

Frida, a radiant vision of floral delight, captivates with her vibrant presence. Handcrafted by Afghan women amidst their plight, she emerges as a work of art, stitched with love from waste fabric. Adorned with intricate embroidery and patterns on her skirt, Frida carries her creators’ stories, hopes, and dreams.

Through each stitch, their resilience shines, transforming her into a symbol of empowerment. Like a lively celebration, she dances with joy, exuding life in every stride. Frida embodies the artisans’ journey of reclaiming their glory, embracing strength, and breaking through the gloom.

Her vivacious charm remains forever in bloom, reminding us to uplift, support, and be kind. Frida, a joyful treasure, symbolises the empowerment and artistry of Afghan women, making her a source of inspiration and admiration for all.

The product includes the bedding for the doll packed in a smart foldable box.

Material: Cotton doll, polyfill, woollen hair, cotton bedding, paper box

Dimensions: H 47 cm, W 13 cm

Additional Information
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 23 × 7 × 5 cm
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Blue Dress, Orange Dress

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