Annie Sloan® Craqueleur



Annie Sloan’s unique Craqueleur is a two-part application that gives an authentic cracked varnish finish ⎯ just like on an Old Master! Step 1 is the base. With Step 2 you can control the size of the cracks ⎯ the thinner you apply it, the smaller the cracks. If you like, you can then highlight the cracks with a coloured Chalk Paint™ Wax.

Step 1 consists of 1 x 125 ml base coat and Step 2 consists of 1 x 125 ml top coat.

To use: Apply a coat of Craqueleur Step 1 using a brush onto your surface and allow to dry. The thinner the coat, the finer the cracks. For larger cracks, apply thickly or two thin coats. Once dry, apply an even coat of Craqueleur Step 2. Dry gently with a hairdryer or place in a warm sunny position and cracks will start to appear. To emphasise the cracks use a dry cloth to rub in Dark or Black Chalk Paint™ Wax or Gilding Wax. Wipe off excess with Clear Chalk Paint™ Wax.

Wash brushes in water immediately after use.

Surfaces varnished with Craqueleur do not require further sealing.

Additional Information
Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

Step 1, Step 2

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