Annie Sloan Mini Project Pack Chalk Paint® & Wax

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It’s easy to brighten up an old bedside table or make your favourite chair feel more ‘you’. Just a little bit of paint and a quick lick of wax goes a long way. Inside our Mini Project Pack, you’ll find everything you need to create your own Annie Sloan masterpiece. Perfect for small projects like a chair, stool or small table: 120ml of Chalk Paint® covers approximately 1.3 square metres.

Contains: 2 x 120ml pots of Chalk Paint® (your choice of colours), 2 x 120ml pots of Chalk Paint® Wax (your choice of colours), 1 x Small Chalk Paint® Brush.

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These kits are awesome! And they make wonderful gifts!

They come with:


TWO Sample Pots of Chalk Paint® (IN YOUR CHOICE)
One Clear Wax
One Dark Wax
One Annie Sloan SMALL paint brush


Chalk Paint® Sample Pots….GLORIOUS Sample Pots (1/2 cup each…meaning 4 ounces of paint) come in all the colors.


The 4 ounce sample pot can cover between 14 and 17 square feet of surface. That equates to about 3 dining chairs…maybe more depending on how thick you apply your paint and how many coats you need. And actually if you thin it with a little water ~ it will go even further!
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Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm
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